Longer Survival Rates for Mesothelioma Patients Linked With Promising New Therapies

When a person diagnosed with mesothelioma and his or her family start searching for information online, it seems like the first listings that appear are either about conventional treatment or filing lawsuits. Everyone is in a state of high stress and anxiety, facing the distinct possibility of a terminal illness for the person who was diagnosed. They might be interested in viewing a website such as survivingmesothelioma.com. There, they can learn about someone who has lived for more than 20 years with the illness and offers a free guide to potential strategies for surviving mesothelioma.

Expert Insight

This isn't the website of an individual trying to peddle snake oil. Authoritative organizations such as The Mesothelioma Center report that breakthroughs in treatments have allowed many people to live much longer than the average after diagnosis, which historically was only one year. The median time of survival now is five years, which is a significant improvement. Mesothelioma patients increasingly are living longer than 10 years.

About Mesothelioma

The disease is caused by exposure to loose asbestos fibers that is breathed in or ingested. Those tiny fibers become lodged in the lungs or digestive tract, where they cause inflammation that leads to malignant tumor growth.

Integrated Medicine and Advances in Treatment

Advances in conventional treatment along with more integrated medicine are some factors that appear to be responsible for these positive outcomes. New drugs have been developed that stop the spread of the tumors in many patients. Some patients have the option to participate in clinical trials that research promising developments in drug therapy.

Integrated medical care combines standard Western medicine with complementary therapies like focusing on nutrition and herbal supplementation. Immunotherapy and biological therapy have shown promising results. Some patients benefit from surgery, but in many, an operation cannot remove the entire extent of the tumor formation.

Emotional Support

Survivors of this aggressive cancer encourage people diagnosed with the illness to seek out emotional support from communities of other mesothelioma patients. Because this disease is uncommon, patients can feel isolated initially. Only about 3,000 people are diagnosed annually. It's likely they've never met anyone with mesothelioma. They might begin with a site like survivingmesothelioma.com.


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